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to import from Turkey


Export import from Turkey

We help you import and export from Turkey and anywhere in the world with the completion of all clearance procedures, customs shipment and related papers.

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Import and export from Turkey is one of the main pillars of the economy in Turkey, which brings a lot of profits to investors in Turkey only to those who have been able to understand the correct way and this is offered to you by Compass Group

we save you the time and effort required for the import and export process, and above that a lot of money Lost due to lack of experience and knowledge.

Trust and credibility is the first thing that you should look for when you deal with an import and export company in Turkey, and when you deal with Compass Group, you will discover this for yourself and will recommend us to other clients because we know that trust and honesty is the basis of this business.


Turkey aims to become one of the most powerful countries economically, and the reputation of good Turkish products is well known because of their high quality and appropriate prices, which made many want to obtain them and this is the goal of exporting, you can get a lot of profits only if you manage to choose the goods and the right price And marketing it in good ways.

Why choose Compass Group?


  • We know that trust and credibility is the basis of our work in this field, so we take care of it above all else

  • We have a full professional team with experience in the field of import and export, shipping services and customs clearance

  • We can handle shipments of all sizes and export them to anywhere in the world

  • We have knowledge of international laws and general and safe trading services so you are not exposed to any complex legal details or procedures that affect your business

  • We find you the right and reliable place to buy and we negotiate prices for you to get the best price for the goods and for shipping and customs clearance so that you are not exposed to fraud and exploitation

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